Thursday, 27 February 2014

Deep South Stylin'

Our secret obsession with Dynasty Style has gone a Little OTT and no Joan, we don't mean you, in fact to be frank we are a little sick of your snickers advert! The Roberstson have our vote and we're styling everything redneck in homage to you, Mama June and all that lies South of Kentucky.

And for those of you heading to prom this year, why not taking inspiration from our American Cousins... matching camo dress and suit anyone?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Couples We Wish Had Made It!

Hollywood is a breeding ground for super hot babes to hook up with their male counterparts and the 90's is our favorite era! We're pretty sure we know all the deets about today's celebrity shenanigans, between Miley & Liam, Kanye & Kim and Taylor Swifts endless list of escapades (we're still secretly jealous!). Relationships in the land of Hollywood are stop and start and it's sometimes hard to keep a track of exactly who's dated who's.. Looking at forgotten dating history and awesome 90's attire is what we are wholeheartedly going to spend Feb the 14th doing, and if you want to re-create a hopeless heartbreak 90's look we have an exclusive discount code valid until the 14th of Feb 12pm. Scroll down for the low down. Here's six cute couples that totally should have made it...

    Brad & Christina

    Luke & Drew

    Robert & Sarah

    Ryan & Sandra

    Tommy Lee & Pammy

    Matt & Winona

So what are you waiting for, Head over to our boutique and grab a fab outfit to impress your hollywood hunk or babe!
Valid until Feb 14th 12PM

Friday, 7 February 2014

Love Or Loathe: The Edit

Love it or loathe it...Valentines day is officially one week away and whether you'll be eating a bucket of ice cream with a massive spade  (Bridget Jones Style) or going on the best date ever, our edit should help buying that special present a little easier. Whether shopping for the Ryan Gosling in your life or blowing all your wages on yourself a la Miss Carrie Bradshaw, who cares right? Valentines day is a celebration of commercial spending after all. Here's our wish list!

And one last thing.... can somebody please buy us this lifesize pillow with the Gos on?