Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dress me 90's

With our recent upload of 90's dresses from glam to grunge we couldn't think of a better reason to round up our favourite 90's babes with our lookalike dresses. The 90's trend is not going away and hey, we won't complain. We love it!

cameron diaz 90's 90's babe the vintage scene

We don't think they could have got it anymore RIGHT when they cast Cameron Diaz opposite Jim Carrey in the mask, channeling1988's Jessica Rabbit, this babe is looking hawt. Stay classy in this lookalike red dress which could be straight from the wardrobe depart of the mask itself.

Baby spice was the spice everyone wanted to be right? Cute, Blonde and always got to wear the most fluffiest girly 90's badass outfits. We have the most perfect baby pink velvet dress in store now all you need to add is a pair of Buffalo Boots and lots of Sass, and we know you got plenty of that!

fauzia balk 90's 90's babe grunge drew barrymore the vintage scene

Go goth with a velvet maxi and choker. One of the most popular 90's looks on the high street at the moment. Faruzia Balk is the babe to channel, even boho babe Drew went through 'that faze'. We think we will stay in 'that faze' We like 'that faze'....Hi faze.... Lots of Velvet in store NOW so grab it while it's hot girls.

rachel green jennifer aniston friends monica geller 90's 90's babe the vintage scene

The 90's show everybody loves but who was your fave Monica or Rachel, Boho or Preppy? Geek or Chic? ...Simply cannot choose....
Stay Classy & Sassy Ladies
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