Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mr Klein...

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We were a little disappointed when the new face of Calvin Klein was announced this morning, I mean Bieber, the annoying baby faced singer who recently decided he was going to turn all badass. It's a controversial choice for the brand casting Biebs, a young man who declared Anne Frank would have been a fan of his, wore a gas mask whilst shopping and threatened to kick the crap out of some paps... your about as badass as aunt bessie buying non-branded  yorkshire puds mate. Not cool Biebs... Not cool... (although covering your Audi A8 in leopard print was pretty sassy. Bravo!)

justin beiber paps trouble

Granted, we can't take away from Bieber that he is looking 'well buff' but in our opinion the choice seems strange and the pairing with Lara Stone is somewhat odd. This got us thinking about Calvin Klein in it's best years the 90's when Queen Kate and Mr Mark Wahlberg graced us with there heavenly bodies alas in their tighty whities.

The classic 90's CK crop and pants set is making a huge comeback at the moment being stocked in Urban Outfitters and Online Giants ASOS. Hell, we even splashed our cash on the coveted two piece ourselves... but we can't help but think that Bieber is stealing away some of the totally rad radness of the 90's classic CK look and perhaps making it a little un-cool again.

calvin klein classic the vintage scene
Bralet £28   Briefs £18
Mens CK Classic Pants £33 (Pack of Three)
Mens CK Classic Boxers £36 (Pack of three)
All Urban Outfitters

This has definitely got us dreaming of our fave CK guys and Gals and Mark and Kate circa 1991 who are undoubtedly the epitome of cool. Kate & Mark. This works. CK please take note.

mark wahlberg kate moss 90's calvin klein
mark wahlberg kate moss 90's calvin klein
mark wahlberg kate moss 90's calvin klein