Sunday, 1 February 2015

10 things from the 90's that really aren't so great...

As 90's kids the era is undeniably our favourite. We live and breathe the 90's through what we sell, wear and watch (perhaps with a splash of 80's here and there...who can live without dancing around to Madonnas Material Girl once in a while...perhaps we've said to much...) but there are also many moments from the era that we think are better off left in the archive. We've rounded them up for you so that we all don't make the mistake of repeating them, as they say, we all must learn from past and here...the lesson has truly been learnt.

1) Happy Hardcore
There was Hardcore, techno and rave... and then there was Happy Hardcore! Speed it up, throw a piano in there and then add a guy (baseball cap obligatory) and allow him to shout random lines all over that noise you just created. Unfortunately not everything is better faster and harder as demonstrated by Scooter below:

2) The Day Hugh Broke Everyone's Heart
The year was 1995 and Hugh had been busted for sleeping with a Lady of the Night. The floppy haired bumbling English gent had truly lost his charm for a generation who fell in love with 'Charles' from 'four weddings and a funeral'. We still kinda love you Hugh but your infamous tryst and your unforgiving (although still kinda sexy) mugshot cannot be erased from our hearts.

3) The Laser Disc
Laser Disc...sounds pretty cool huh...NO NO NO. We will just set the scene, it's Saturday night, you've ordered in your 13" meat feast with extra mozzarella and your about to put on your fave movie (clueless forevs). But, wait... the Pizza isn't the only 13" item your gonna have to battle tonight... yup your fave movie has been supersized to a 13" disc! Say whatt! And not only that, half way through the movie, your gonna have to drag your hiney off your sofa and flip that mother sucker over. They were fairly short-lived and it was definitely for the best.

4) Clarissa finally explained it all
December the 3rd 1994 and Clarissa Finally got round to explaining it all, I don't really think she ever got round to any sort of substantial point whilst explaining anything, There was always lots of talk about boys, pizza, ferg face and surviving high school but hey, what more did we need when we were 13 and the most important thing in our lives were our Dear Diaries.

5) Robert Di Nero & Naomi Campbell Were Dating?
What? Yes...this happened and whats more its on the rumour mill that Naomi wanted Roberts Babies, Now that is a Scary thought...we've seen you in Meet the Parents Robert, and you is one harsh daddy!

6) When Christina 'rocked' Cornrows... do we need say anymore!

7) When Apple Was Tragic
Pippin, newton, power cd, quicktake, sounds like some items you might find in your local chemist...but these are just a few of Apples famous 90's flops, they looked as good as they functioned, which wasn't very well at all.  Thank god Apple got it right in the 00's as the 90's was pretty tragic. Ol Bill Gates isn't laughing anymore!

8) Kris & Bruce Jenner Treadmill
Kardashians, Jenners, can we go at least a DAY without seeing this lot splashed all over our newsfeed? well, back in the 90's you could! In fact the only place you could catch a kardash/jenner combo was on this infomercial...tragic huh? We prefer the KK's anyway.. bu bye Bruce & Kris.

9) Karl Kani Jeans
This happened and we allll let it happen...

10) We Lost Too Many Brave Men
We lose many great artist's decade upon decade, and the 90's were no different. Tupac, Biggie, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix & John Candy. You made growing up that little bit easier for us all, as artists these men truly touched our lives and losing all these great people in the 90's really wasn't so great...