Saturday, 21 February 2015

Normcore - The New Casual

Apparently there is no other major way to scream anti-fashion than Normcore this summer. Forget Punk in all it's formats, this just isn't the way to say a big f*ck you to the system anymore. Nope. Normcore. That's the way...

Normcore is described by Vogue as a bland anti-style and dressing as conventional and non-descript as possible. In a fashion world where colour and print is king maybe the only way to stand out this season is by dressing as if no-one should notice you. The wallflower that goes about his/her daily business a loner, blending into the backround. But surely this defies the point of Normcore? Especially for a modern day audience.

Confused? We know we are. Normcore is a style adopted by 90's kids who had the desire to fit in, to avoid standing out, there clothing had a real sense of neutrality and they'd rather be sat on the bleachers then playing the game. In 2015 it's the new way to get noticed. We've all been told we need to dress different, to be different, all in all which has ended up being a narcissistic competition to see who can clash prints the best, who owns the most outrageous Jeffery Campbell shoes and has us all tweeting about what Jeremy Scott's going to do next? Yet the unassuming girl in the plain bomber jacket, comfy sneakers and oversize t-shirt is defining this seasons style better then anyone. It's no longer a competition to see who can become the most outrageous but perhaps more to see who looks the most casual. Casual is Cool.

Micheal Cera Normcore plain fashion antifashion ss15 trend thevintagescene
So who do we iconise this season? Larry David has been penned as the norm core idol, 'What! Who?' we hear you say... Hands up if you had to Google him... exactly, which is why if there is only one man to look towards this summer and that's one of our favourite actors Micheal Cera...who knew he was so on point?! The quintessential of casual cool this guy has it all from his geek striped t-shirts and casual chinos to new balance and tourist style rucksacks. Cera can you be our new boyfriend? we can be oh so normcore together *jokes*

We've  picked out a few of our fave Normcore items we have in stock and also thrown in with some high street must haves to make sure we can achieve the perfect american tourist look this summer.

K-Hole the New York trend agency may have 'coined' the trend but we are all defining it whether that's wearing New Balance and 501's or opting for a vintage t-shirt and oversized jacket. Move over 'colour', move over 'prints' plain is in and Cera is our king.

normcore fashion edit 90's vintage asos topshop plain thevintagescene