Tuesday, 24 March 2015


There is literally nothing better then running a vintage business as a girl knowing that you can wear absolutely anything that comes through the door. Mens Shirt... hello new boyfriend shirt! Mens Jacket...Check, Mens brogues, oh, HI new grandpa shoes.

Agender Selfridges

SO last week the Agender trend launched in Selfridges Oxford Street store. 'Agender' is Selfridges new description for dressing non-descript. Windows of the store are adorned with abstract displays without a mannequin in sight. Merchandising leans towards Menswear and Womenswear being displayed together jumbled up across three dedicated floors meaning who knows what the hell you're buying! All the better! Decisions can be made on what we like and not conformed to what we are told is supposed to be for us. The collection is sharp, focused and unique with imagery shot on both male and female androgynous models to ensure a real gender equality is displayed throughout all garments.

Agender Window Display Selfridges

Agender Models Selfridges

Absolutely our favorite concept, in fact this sounds pretty much like our wardrobes. Vintage is perfect for the Agender trend and us chicks at The Vintage Scene pretty much prefer all the menswear that comes through the door to the womens! That's why we've rounded up the best Agender pieces you can buy at the selfridges store and right here at The Vintage Scene! Now...where's our oversize tee's and mug of tea, time to get browsing the menswear department!

Agender Edit The Vintage Scene
Images: Selfridges
Words: Shannon@thevintagescene

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Baby Hair...Hi!

If there is one thing gals like us have loathed our entire lives it's those unsightly clumps of fluff that sprout out just under our luscious locks. BABY HAIR ARGH!. These were literally the epitome of annoyance which is why we were super pleased to see them making it back to the catwalks with A/W15 Givenchy and Stella McCartney and more importantly looking super slick back on our foreheads for S/S15.

givenchy, babyhair
Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

Although styling these tiny baby hair's don't come without a bit of controversy, dubbed as 'Chola Victorian' by Givenchy's creative director Riccardo Tisci, it is somewhat seen as derogatory by Mexican/Latina and Black cultures as if the fashion world is trying to adopt 'hood' as a trend and coining urban as it's hail all glory word of the season. But hey, if the fashion world takes inspiration from the real world, and is causing controversy over cultural issues, at least it's saying something right? We say let fashion speak, break down barriers, and if we can all adopt a trend and make it look super rad, let it be!

This is not the first time babyhairs have been around though gals, orignally a 90's 00's trend sported by Brandi, J-Lo and most importantly the queen of baby hair slick, Chilli from TLC. We are super pleased to see yet another super sick trend back with us here in good ol' 2015.

chilli, tlc, babyhair

So, as always with fashion how do we make this look work? Making sure we get the right balance between Givenchy's over the top catwalk look and looking super sassy. Well, lets just look towards the total babes that are FKA Twigs and Rita Ora.

fka twigs, rita ora, babyhair
Images: crackmagazine.net

Wanna get the look? Check out this tutorial by +ASOS  below!